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    • 宋朝忠CEO

      Easy to drive CEO, graduated from Tsinghua University. He has been the general manager and director of R&D center of Yuanzheng Science and Technology Subsidiary Company. He has been in charge of the R&D of AEB, ACC, 360 and other projects o...

    • 蔣黎瓊COO

      Yi Cheng, Director of Autopilot Research, graduated from the Nanyang Polytechnic University of Singapore, has served for 10 years in the world-renowned Institute of Microelectronics (Singapore) of the Singapore Research Bureau. He has been ...

    • 張廷飛CMO

      Responsible for the sales of Yicheng.Former BYD Motor Sales Director,Ten years of experience in the automotive and automotive parts industry, has a profound network resources in major automotive main engine factories throughout the country....

    • 楊偉Product director

      Yi Cheng, director of automatic driving products, graduated from Sichuan University. Yuanzheng Technology Development Manager, 17 years of automotive electronics research and development experience, with 5 domestic patents. Main development...

    • 劉易之Chairman

      Yicheng Auto Driving Chairman, graduated from Sichuan University, is responsible for the formulation of Yicheng Strategic Planning, the chairman of listed companies, 25 years of experience in the automotive industry, the industry leader in ...

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